Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote in stmungo,
Kevin Roche

The League of Evil Geniuses has arrived at Silicon.

We have the St Mungo's ribbons from flotsomnjetsom, but the badges were not in today's mail.

Fear not, however -- we have to make an excursion tomorrow morning and can check the mailbox again on the way back to the hotel.

Oh yeah:

League of Evil Geniuses Hall of Fame Salon tomorrow (Saturday) evening. Usual time (9-ish; after the masquerade).
Bubbly (for them's what's old enough) and evil snacks, plus EXPERIMENTAL SUBSTANCES.

In the fabulous Room 247, just past the elevator column.

(Pancho's Crosstime Cantina is in there tonight)

  • I still have to print off a usable Nurse Badge.

    I still have to print off a usable Nurse Badge, um, it will not be Snape this scary as him...but not Snape.

  • (no subject)

    Are we doing a meetup in our St. Mungo's attire for CC26?

  • I cheated

    And bought some scrubs. OK, they look mundane (that will slowly get fixed). I have a Green Top with Purple trim, and Purple Pants. I also found a…

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