September 14th, 2007

  • bovil

More notes on Kwik Sew #2861 (

Having finished the top, I've got a few more opinions on the Kwik Sew scrubs pattern.

If you're looking for the classic v-neck scrubs pattern with the pointed "v" this is it. If you want the square-bottom "v" look for other patterns.

The pattern is easy to cut out. The layout is actually pretty efficient, even on napped/directional fabrics.

If you're doing something like I did, (front and back only in the primary material), it's a bit more wasteful. Front and back pieces are cut on the fold, and you can salvage a fair amount of your body fabric if you fold just enough to fit the pattern pieces instead of folding in the center.

The pattern is OK in knits, even if it's not designed for knits. With a slinky knit (like I used) you need to pin the crap out of the seams before stitching, but that's as bad as it gets.

The directions are rock-solid.

There's a lot of topstitching and understitching, but it really helps the structure of the garment.

For the next top, I'm going to fiddle with the breast pocket a bit. I think with a bit of modification, I could make a wand pocket for a 10-12" wand work there on a guy's scrubs.

Pants next (although I still need to get some of the right elastic).
  • bovil

Even more notes on Kwik Sew #2861 (

The scrubs pants are done. Previous notes on the pattern and construction still apply.

The scrubs pants pieces are in two sections on the paper; they have to be assembled. Not really a big deal. It helps to have a relatively large cutting surface, though.

Instructions are rock-solid. Follow them carefully. There are some weird bits, like setting the inset pockets first and then cutting away the excess, but you'll understand why after you do it.

Setting the waist elastic (2" elastic, which it says on the outside and in the instructions, I don't know where I got the idea of 1/2") is a bit of a nuisance. I got ribbed "no-roll" elastic, but that's a bit too strong to set in easily. It does, though, make for a sturdy waistband. Regular elastic should stretch and set more easily.

So, yeah. Definitely happy with this pattern. It's designed for wovens, but it worked OK with the strange knits I was using. It goes together pretty easily, and there's a lot of detail and opportunity for modification and embellishment.

Kwik Sew Men's Scrubs #2861

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